About Me

My name is Alisha Byrne from Minimay, Victoria. I’m truly dedicated to helping fellow Australians lose weight!

Before Herbalife I thought I was healthy. I ate a lot of vegetables and fruits, and little foods high in sugar or fat. I was a tight size 14, and feeling uncomfortable about having to buy the next size up as I was getting bigger.

While I was at home with my new son I was looking for opportunities to work from home without putting him into care. I answered a work from home ad and found the Herbalife products.

I denied I needed to lose weight, but got on the products anyway. After being on the products for a month, I felt refreshed everyday. Instead of spending an hour on the couch every morning to wake myself up and get going, I was able to get up and get right into my day. I got so much more done in my day and felt great.

I lost 4.5 kg’s in the first 4 weeks and 61.5cm’s body fat! I went on to lose 11 kg’s. The best thing was, I looked back at photos before Herbalife and realize I DID need to lose weight, I love being able to fit into my clothes which I had put to the back of the wardrobe and it was so EASY. I did it without thinking!

Through this website, my aim is to help other people lose weight by introducing them to what I consider to be the best weight loss program on the market. It worked for me and there’s no reason it won’t work for you too!

Here’s to a slimmer, healthier you!
Alisha Byrne