Weight Loss Shake Dieting Tips

If you are frustrated in your quest to lose weight, try to substitute a weight loss shake for breakfast, lunch or both. Part of the problem with most diets is that they are constricting and boring. Counting calories, weighing your food and practicing portion control can become tedious.

Why not eliminate some of the work by incorporating diet shakes into your overall weight loss program?

Weight Loss Shake

Defining the Weight Loss Shake

When having a weight loss shake you are actually getting all the vitamins and minerals your body needs for good health, without the extra calories. They are very low in calories. If you actually ate the foods to get all these vitamins and minerals you would be very overweight because there would be far too many calories!

We recommend you have 2 shakes a day because that is cutting down on calories for two meals – still getting all the vitamins and minerals though! We recommend the third meal just for bulk! The third meal could be any meal of the day, not necessarily dinner!

So.. weight loss shakes are for everyone, not just people wanting to lose weight!

Staying Healthy

These meal replacement shakes for weight loss are formulated as a replacement for breakfast and/or lunch. What you should not do, is drink a weight loss shake while eating one or both of these meals. It defeats the purpose. In fact, it is counterproductive to your weight loss goals. You will end up gaining weight because not only are you consuming enough calories in the meal, but you are consuming roughly the equivalent in the shake. In other words, you end up doubling your caloric intake!

Plan your meal and shake schedule if necessary to help you realise your weight management goals. If variety will help you stick to a specific eating plan, choose different shake flavours and mix things up a little. It also helps to have a set menu for your evening meal.

Another necessary component in losing weight is physical activity. While incorporating a weight loss shake or two as meal replacements each day greatly helps, physical activity will speed up the weight loss process. Otherwise, your progress will plateau. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking further away from your destination or simply walking around your neighbourhood are a few easy ways to get active and stay healthy.

Following a diet plan that includes a weight loss shake or two a day in the place of your breakfast and lunch meals is easy. As long as you eat a sensible, nutritious dinner and incorporate some exercise, there’s no reason  you can’t lose weight gradually and safely.

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